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"On The Town" Auditions

November 28 - 29, 2016
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“Everyone who comes to New York City has different expectations and plans for their stay. ON THE TOWN is the tale of three sailors on a 24-hour leave from their ship docked in this fabulous city. Memorable musical numbers include Come Up to My Place, Lucky to Be Me, Some Other Time and New York, New York. It’s an uplifting, fun show with energy and verve.”

Performances: Jan. 27 -Feb. 12, 2017
Most of the productions at the Cocoa Village Playhouse are cast through open auditions throughout the year. Open auditions are usually held over a 1-3 day period approximately 1-2 months prior to the opening performance. Exact dates are announced here on our website as well as our facebook page.

While the procedure varies between shows, most auditions require a short singing audition (see below) and some basic movement. Depending on the needs of the show, the casting team may ask you to come back at a later date for callbacks. Callbacks can include singing songs from the show, further movement, or line readings.

Audition Preparation
No Experience Necessary. We will train you!
Please Limit Vocal Auditions To A Maximum Of 1 Minute or 16 bars of music. Sheet Music Is Preferred (We Provide Pianist). CD, Flash Drive or MP3 Accompaniment Must Not Contain Prerecorded Vocals and must stop at 1 minute. NO CASSETTE TAPES OR IPODS PLEASE.
If you do not have a prepared song, you will be asked to sing “Happy Birthday” with the Piano Accompaniment (A Pianist Will Be Provided). NO ACAPELLA VOCALS, PLEASE
You will also be given simple stage movement to follow, unless noted under the show title. Please dress comfortably with correct shoes to move.

Principal Roles

The Three Sailors:
 Ages 22 - 32. Vocal range: Character baritone, F flat to C.
Ozzie is one of three sailors on 24-hour shore leave in New York City. Of the three, he is the most worldly and most interested in meeting a girl for a fling during his day in the City. Ozzie feels a tremendous loyalty to Gabey, who at some point during their lives in the Navy saved the lives of Ozzie, Chip and others. Ozzie should be able to present himself as a relatively big and strong person (in one scene he is said to resemble a statue of a prehistoric man in the Natural History Museum). Ozzie’s love interest is Clair de Loone, a budding anthropologist. Strong movement abilities; strong comic actor. 

CHIP: Ages 18 - 28. Vocal range: Baritone, G flat to G.
Chip is one of three sailors on 24-hour shore leave in New York City. Of the three, he is the most naive and the one least interested in meeting a girl for a fling during his day in the City (though he is not completely uninterested). He wants to see the sights of New York City so he can tell his Dad all about them, as is made clear in his duet with Hildy, “Come Up To My Place.” Strong comic actor. 

GABEY: Ages 22 – 34. Vocal range: Baritone, G flat to G.
Gabey is the third sailor on shore leave and the one most prone to being a romantic. He has performed some unknown heroic deeds on his ship. Gabey falls in love with the ideal of a woman as presented in a post of “Miss Turnstiles” (Ivy Smith) and spends the show pursuing her. The actor portraying Gabey must be able to authentically project his naivete, his optimism and his romanticism. Gabey is involved in several dance sequences. Strong dance/movement abilities; strong vocals and acting.

The Three Girls:
CLAIR: Ages 22 – 32. Soprano, low F to high C.
Clair de Loone is a self-described “cold blood scientist,” an anthropologist to be precise who cannot control her impulses. She is engaged in the study of man in order to control her impulses. The actress portraying Clair must have a strong singing voice and great comic timing. Although she is engaged to be married to Judge Pitkin W. Bridgework, Clair’s love interest is Ozzie. Strong comic actress and strong dancer as well.

HILDY: Ages 20 – 32. Mezzo-soprano, low A to high G.
Hildy is a cab driver who is desperately hungry for a man. She shares an apartment with Lucy Schmeeler, wherein one girl lives in the apartment 12 hours a day while the other is working. Hildy meets Chip when Chip is looking for a cab and then spends much of the rest of the show trying to seduce him. Hildy also has a soft side and wants to help Gabey over his disappointment of not being able to find Miss Turnstiles. Strong comic actress.

IVY: Ages: 22 – 32. Mezzo-soprano, low C to high G.
Ivy Smith is “Miss Turnstiles,” and she is by turns an innocent as well as someone who is a bit conniving as she tries to get ahead. At heart, though, she is a romantic. Her love interest is Gabey. The actress portraying Ivy must be able convincingly to portray her striving to better herself while also maintaining her essential optimism. Ivy’s role is primarily a dancing role, she has a number of dance sequences and it is important that she be either a dancer or one who can learn movement easily.

Other Singing Roles:
MADAME DILLY: Ages 45 – 65. Mezzo-soprano, C to high E flat.
Madame Dilly is Ivy’s singing teacher and very much a lush. She provides comic relief and is a bit of a conniver. Strong comedic presence. Will double as little old lady who appears in various chase scenes and the ensemble. May double as Diana Dream and Dolores Dolores.

JUDGE PITKIN: Ages 35 – 65. Bass.
Judge Pitkin is engaged to Clair de Loone. He is a bit too understanding of Clair’s problems with man. A dignified fellow with great comic timing. May double as a workman and in the ensemble.

WORKMAN 1: Ages 35 – 65. Bass.
Workman 1 opens the show with the soulful lament, “I Feel Like I’m Not Out of Bed Yet.” 

DIANA/DELORES: Ages 22 – 35. Soprano.
Diana Dream and Dolores Dolores are nightclub singers who appear and sing rather depressingly when the group is trying to cheer up Gabe. 

RAJAH BIMMY: Ages 30 – 65. Bass
Rajah is the MC for a dancing show featuring Ivy. May double as Miss Turnstiles announcer.

Speaking Roles:
There are several speaking roles, which do not require any lead singing, though it is preferred that all actors be able to sing, dance and act. The principal non-singing roles are:

Lucy Schmeeler: Hildy’s roommate. She has a terrible cold and provides comic relief. Strong comedic actor. Will double in the ensemble and be a dancer in various scenes. If you are auditioning for the Lucy role, you will be given a speaking part to work with at the audition.

Flossie: Flossie is a character on the subway in each subway scene who tells an elaborate story about an altercation with her boss throughout the show. Strong comedic actress. Will double in the ensemble and be a dancer in various scenes. May double as the singer Diana Dream/Dolores Dolores.

Flossie’s Girl Friend
Subway Bill Poster
Little Old Lady
Mr. S. Uperman
Waldo Figment
Master of Ceremonies

Various Residents of New York City
Navy Yard Workmen (Quartet)
New York City Girls
Passersby (a busy New York City Street)
Singing Teachers
Times Square Passersby
Diamond Eddie’s Girls
Three New Sailors

**All roles at The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse are Non-Union, Non-paid postions**

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