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About the Aladdin Society

In addition to purchasing tickets you can support the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse by joining our Aladdin Society.

This season, our "Aladdin Society" will be hosting a number different Epicurean Delights Dinners, as well as, founding a new group called "The Magical Genies". This group is for those who enjoy volunteering at the Playhouse in an active manner. Please contact Kathi Schillo at for more information.

The Aladdin Society is for those who believe in the mission of the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse and who want to be an integral part of its continued success.

Membership is $100 yearly. There are still a few memberships available so please join soon!

The Aladdin Society was established in 2011, shortly after the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse became an independent Non-Profit Organization. The Society was nostalgically named after the Aladdin Theater (the original name of the Playhouse) and comprised of 100 Members.

It was the intention of the founders to establish a social Society that would assist in the following areas for the Playhouse:

Community Awareness

All members will be kept informed monthly of the “good news” from the Playhouse and thus be able to share with others in the community


Each member makes a contribution to the success of the Society Annually. Each will be able to attend quarterly functions, special events, and to be the first to receive the Epicurean Delights Booklet each year.

Inclusion in the Playhouse Family

The members are those who have been past, current and future leaders of the organization with the intention of keeping those interested individuals active and informed.

Mission Statement of The Aladdin Society

To support the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse each year through positive community awareness securing continued success.

Upcoming 2017 "Aladdin Society" Events:

The highlight of each season for the Aladdin Society are the Epicurean Delights. These Culinary Events are held periodically during the year throughout Brevard County sponsored by various individuals.  

Salute to Broadway

January 29, 2017
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Blind Wine Tasting

February 11, 2017
7:00pm - 10:00pm

A Night In Tuscany: Italian Dinner Party

April 22, 2017
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Annual Secret Picnic Along The Water

October 1, 2017

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Under The Harvest Moon

October 29, 2017
5:00pm - 7:00pm

“Murder on the Grand Canal”: Murder Mystery Dinner 

November 4th, 2017
6:30pm - 10:00pm

To see an archive of previous Aladdin Society events click here.

A special thank you to our current members of The Aladdin Society

The Society was founded to assist as the “Good News Ambassadors” throughout the community.

Ms. Peta Adovasio
Mrs. Kim Agee
Mrs. Bobbie Agrama
Mr. Robert Allen
Mrs. Mary Pat Altman
Dr. Robert Anderson
Mr. Bob Anderson
Mrs. Valerie Barnhart
Mrs. San Barnhart
Mr. Scott Baughan
Mr. Dick  Beagley
Mr. Robert Beasley
Mrs. Julie Berke
Mr. Lewis Berman
Ms. Shirley Buchanan
Ms. Betty Buchanan Harrison
Mr. Robert Carman
Mrs. Eli Chamberlain
Mrs. Theresa Clifton
Mrs. Linda Coleman
Mrs. Bettie Cooke
Mrs. Sandi Cooke
Ms. Lisa Crites
Ms. Noretta C. D'Albora
Mrs. Tootsie Davidson
Ms. Dianne Eswine
Ms. Pat Eyster   
Mrs. Bunny Finney
Dr. John Frederickson
Mrs. Laura Geier
Mrs. Ruth Ann Genoni
Mr. Joseph Gerrity
Mrs. Gerri Glenn
Ms. Jackie Griffin
Ms. Susan Griffin Moore
Lady Louise Grundy
Mrs. Barbara Halgren
Mr. Dewey Harris
Mr. & Dr. Brian Smith
Mrs. Charlotte Houser
Mr. & Mrs. Lang  Houston
Dr. Maxwell King
Mrs. Shirley Lanni
Mrs. Suzanne Leifer
Mr. Tony Macaulay
Mr. John McAnany
Mr. & Mrs. Mel Mills
Ms. Brenda Mulberry
Ms. Michele Murrell
Ms. Ann L. O'Hara
Mrs. John Pekar
Mrs. Susan Perers
Mr. Jeremy Phelps
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Phelps

Mr. & Mrs. David Prather
Mrs. Phyllis Rice
Mr. Thomas Robertson
Mr. Jack Rood
Ms. Adrienne Roth
Mrs. Dixie Sansom
Mrs. Frances Scalera
Mrs. Deborah Schenck
Mrs. Kathi  Schillo
Mrs. Dee Dee  Sheffield
Ms. Susan Smith
Mrs. Delores Spearman
Mrs. Laura St. John
Ms. Jean Starkey
Mr. Frank Sullivan
Mrs. Janet Tamborini
Dr. & Mrs. Fritz Thompson
Mr. Al Trafford
Ms. Renee' Valletutti
Mrs. Donna Wagner
Ms. Katherine Wall
Ms. Maryanne Ward
Mrs. Susie Wasdin
Mr. Bob Wetzel
Mrs. Linda Young
Mr.& Mrs. Andy Zeigler



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Cocoa, FL 32922